What is a Community Screening and screening license?

A screening license gives you the legal right to hold a public or private screening of the film, issued from the film’s copyright owner with specific terms as to how the film can be used.

Whether people realize it or not, it is not legal to buy a DVD or Blu-Ray of ANY film and plan a public screening, use it in a classroom, library or in any group setting without the rights from the film company.

The Community and Home Screening Packages give you these rights and specifies the number of screenings legally allowed with that license. It is not uncommon for theaters, libraries and other screening venues to request proof of a license.


What is the difference between a Community Screening and a Home Screening?

The Community Screening is any screening open to the public, at a community setting or at any space where a substantial number of persons outside of a normal circle of family and friends are gathered. The Community Screening license provides the public performance rights to 1 large, public screening of any size and 4 small home screenings for a maximum of 20 people. Alternatively 5 home screenings is also acceptable in lieu of the large public screening.

A Home Screening license provides the screening rights one, small screening, of up to 20 people.

With both options, you get to keep the film and can watch it as much as you like. It is only the number of screenings that is limited.


Will the DVD stop working after a certain number of screenings? How will you know how many times I screen it?

The DVD will not self-destruct or stop working after a certain number of uses.

We have no way to detect how or where you play the film. It is on the honor system and we ask you to respect the legal terms of the license provided, in accordance with copyright law.


Why is my country not listed as available for a screening?

In order to plan screenings outside of the United States, we have been asked to receive direct approval from each country’s National Spiritual Assembly. If you do not see your country listed here, it is most likely because we have not received approval from your NSA.

You may want to notify your NSA that your community is interested in screening the film. Please ask them to contact us at screenings@thegatefilm.com for additional information or to give their response on screenings.


After my screening(s), how can I use the DVD?

Instead of asking people to mail back the film when they finish their screenings, we are allowing you to keep it but ask that you follow the legal terms of the license. That does not mean you can’t still play the DVD or Blu-Ray and use it personally.


How do I buy a community or home screening?

Click on the STORE in the website menu or go to https://thegatefilm.com/store to see the different screening options. Click on each one to see the specific terms and materials included.

Click Add to Cart, then click Proceed to Checkout. Enter your billing and shipping information. After you make the purchase, we will arrange to ship you the film. You will also receive a confirmation email, including further information and screening materials.


How can I get my own copy of the film if I do not want to host or attend a screening?

We will be selling personal copies on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital formats starting in July 2018. If you sign up to our email list, we will be able to notify you when this is available to order.


Can I show The Gate on my local public TV channel?

No. The screening license does not include the right to show it on any TV and cable station. Broadcast rights are not available for sale to the public.


Can I get unlimited use license for my library or school?

Yes, we will have an educational license available, which will allow schools and libraries to include the film in their collection and curriculum. Please email info@thegatefilm.com for more information.


Can I sell DVDs at my screenings or Baha’i Center book store?

Yes! We offer bulk packages of DVDs, in quantities of 10 or 20 per box, at a 30% discount. These are available only to screening licensees.


Do I have to tell you every time I screen the film?

You do not have to but we do like to keep a record of the communities that have held screenings and the number taking place. We will post it to our screening schedule on the website and do not have to include the address if it is not open to the public.


Why do some people get to see the film for free on TV and others do not?

We were fortunate to have some ABC affiliates in North America broadcasting the film. Each affiliate channel determined whether they would program it and they determined the schedule. We had no control where or when it aired.


Where do I get the screening promotion materials and what are they?

Once you purchase a screening, you will receive a confirmation email with suggestions for planning your event. In that email will be a link to all the downloadable materials, including a Screening Guide with our recommendations for planning and promoting your event. You will also find a digital poster, e-flyer, synopsis, social media banners, tips and sample posts, a local press release, photos and more!


Can I share my digital copy of the film with others? Can I post it to Facebook, YouTube or any website?

No, this is strictly prohibited.

Unlike loaning someone your personal DVD or Blu-Ray, sharing a digital file puts us at risk of piracy. It can result in sharing with an unlimited number of websites and with people who did not purchase the film legally. It also risks that it will be posted on free sites, such as YouTube, without permission from the filmmakers.


How long will it take to receive the order?

We will ship your order within 1-3 business days. With standard shipping within the US, you will usually have it within a week.

If you are outside of the US, we suggest allowing 2-3 weeks with standard shipping.

Please note that any customs charges are the responsibility of the purchaser and the amount depends on each country’s customs laws. We are not able to know what amount this will be.


Are there any discounts or free copies for the Baha’i community?

While we may have promotions with discounts in the future, we do not have any specifically for any one type of community or organization.


Why can’t I select my country when I am trying to purchase the DVD or digital copy?

Due to various reasons we have determined that it would not be wise to distribute this film, its DVDs or its downloads to certain countries. We hope that you will understand that this decision was reached after careful consideration.