Rainn Wilson talks about the Báb and the importance of the story of The Gate: Dawn of the Baha’i Faith.

Rainn Wilson: The story of the Gate can be seen on one hand as an interesting story that no one has ever heard before about a messianic prophet and his followers, and what they were up against, and some incredible stories of courage and heroism. You can look at as an interesting historic artifact, and you could also look at it as a world transformative event. There’s another context here. As a Baha’i the story of the Báb is the story of the transformation of the world. These divine prophets came to this obscure part of the world just like Jesus came to His obscure part of the world and affected a world transformation. This is about the Báb abolishing clergy. This is about the Báb saying finding the truth for yourself. This is about saying that God is here for everyone. That we all need to be of service to everyone, and love everyone in service to God and the universe.


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