We were fortunate to have an “artist” of Keith Walker’s ability and intuition with us on the crew. Learn more about Keith and what went in to filming The Gate: Dawn of the Bahá’í Faith in this Behind the Scenes video!

Steven Sarowitz: Keith has a wonderful eye. He’s been a director of photography for 30 years. I think of Keith as still waters run deep. He doesn’t say that much. He’s quietly behind the camera, but he’s always thinking. His mind and his soul are always there.

Keith Walker: When we first signed up for this project, it’s one of those things where you never know who you’re gonna get once you get to a different location. You haven’t worked with them before. But I must say that the departments in this film from Spain have been awesome. From the Art Department to the Props, to the Make-Up, from our Camera Department, and from the Lighting, everyone’s been extraordinary. Filming in Spain was absolutely breathtaking for all of us coming over there from the States. We filmed at forts, we filmed at castles, in the desert, unbelievable sites for a guy who lives on the south side of Chicago to actually partake in.

Read more about Keith Walker here!


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